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Bringing your dream home into reality!

Studio [id] is an international interior design firm, over 10 years of experience specializing in residential projects for private clients and property developers throughout the US and abroad. From concept to the final touches we develop an entirely personalized service to create one-of-a-kind spaces that provides the desired ambiance, and reflect the spirit and lifestyle of the client. 

Bruna Giestas

Maria Sadeck

"We place great importance and commitment to building strong client relationships always tailoring our approach to meet each individual client’s needs and delivering on time and budget."

Creating welcoming, cozy, timeless clean design is our goal. We believe a great space should combine texture, old and new, high and low, traditional and modern with a touch of nature.  The way the house looks is the best way to describe the soul of who lives in there. And that is our job to help you accomplish that. 

Together, "mother & daughter" build an award winning team, offering a highly personalized and dedicated service.

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